Smart City Expo World Congress 

Smart City Expo World Congress

In the brisk month of November, the vibrant city of Barcelona becomes the epicenter of urban innovation as Fira de Barcelona hosts the annual Smart City Expo World Congress. Over the course of three days, this transformative event promotes social innovation and partnerships to enhance cities worldwide. It comprises a three-day congress and expo, drawing together an eclectic mix of leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and academics, all converging to learn from one another and collaborate towards building smarter and more sustainable cities. 

A Hub of Urban Innovation 

Smart City Expo World Congress isn’t just an event; it’s a hub where urban innovation takes center stage. It’s a platform where ideas are born, and solutions are showcased, aimed at addressing the myriad challenges faced by cities around the globe. Attendees, representing a diverse cross-section of society, engage in dialogues that transcend boundaries, embracing technology and social innovation to create urban spaces that are more livable, resilient, and inclusive. 

Fira de Barcelona: The Catalyst for Change 

Fira de Barcelona provides the ideal canvas for an event of such transformative significance. With its modern and expansive facilities, the convention center offers the space and resources necessary to foster collaboration, ideation, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas. Located centrally in Barcelona, it ensures accessibility for both national and international attendees, solidifying its status as the go-to venue for an event that shapes the future of urban living. 

Expoquote: Your Partner in Urban Transformation 

When it comes to crafting an exhibition stand that embodies the spirit of urban transformation at Smart City Expo World Congress, Expoquote is the trusted collaborator. Working seamlessly with stand builders in Spain and exhibition stand builders in Barcelona, Expoquote ensures that exhibitors have access to top-tier resources and design expertise. In an era where the future of cities is being reimagined, Expoquote can help you create a presentation that defines the urban landscapes of tomorrow. 


Smart City Expo World Congress, hosted at Fira de Barcelona every November, transcends being a mere conference; it’s a glimpse into the future of urban living. This gathering of leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and academics from around the world offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and exploration of the latest trends in urban innovation. With Fira de Barcelona’s world-class facilities and the support of experts like Expoquote, Smart City Expo World Congress continues to be the ultimate destination for those dedicated to shaping the future of cities. Join the conversation, connect with urban innovators, and be part of the transformation at Smart City Expo World Congress.