IBTM World 2023 

ibtm world

November in Barcelona heralds the arrival of IBTM World 2023, the annual global event that transforms Fira de Barcelona into the epicenter of the meetings, incentives, conferences, and events (MICE) industry. Over the course of three days, this event strives to inspire exceptional customer experiences and foster invaluable networking opportunities with industry professionals and quality suppliers from over 100 countries. 

A Tapestry of Exceptional Experiences 

IBTM World is not just an event; it’s a tapestry of exceptional experiences woven together to redefine the MICE landscape. Attendees, representing a diverse spectrum of industries, come together to explore the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in event planning, incentive travel, conference organization, and more. It’s a platform where ideas flourish, collaborations take root, and the possibilities for creating unforgettable experiences are limitless. 

Fira de Barcelona: The Canvas of Imagination 

Fira de Barcelona provides the perfect canvas for an event of such global significance. With its modern facilities and expansive exhibition spaces, the convention center offers the room and resources needed to host an event that sparks creativity and fuels collaboration. Situated centrally in Barcelona, it ensures convenient access for attendees from around the world, further solidifying its status as the preferred venue for an event that reimagines the future of the MICE industry. 

For exhibitors eager to make a lasting impression at IBTM World 2023, Expoquote’s professional stand builders in Spain are readily available to assist. These experts understand the unique demands of the MICE industry and can craft exhibition spaces that reflect the essence of their innovative solutions. In Barcelona, a city known for its flair for events, their numerous local exhibition stand builders in Barcelona are also poised to bring your vision to life. 


IBTM World 2023, hosted at Fira de Barcelona every November, transcends being a mere trade show; it’s an immersion into the art of creating exceptional experiences. This gathering of industry professionals, suppliers, and innovators from around the world offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and exploration of the latest trends in the MICE industry. With Fira de Barcelona’s world-class facilities and the support of experts like Expoquote, IBTM World 2023 continues to be the ultimate destination for those dedicated to redefining the world of meetings, incentives, conferences, and events. Join the conversation, connect with industry leaders, and be part of the transformation at IBTM World 2023.