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    We are a team of experienced marketing and sales professionals who have a long history of planning events, designing stands, and attending trade shows & exhibitions. Over the years we have spent significant amounts of time engaging with stand builders and floorspace fit-out companies, with our design team heavily involved with many award winning stands. On the back of this we decided to create a business to help companies of all sizes find the right stand designer, and achieve the very best results for their exhibition stand within the right budget. Our professional panel of stand builders in Sweden are ready and waiting to design your stand. Welcome to ExpoQuote!

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    Compare prices of the best local stand designers.

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    Banners, pop up and reusable stands, printed graphics.

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    Full floorplan designs, pavilion, framework and booth construction.

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    We help exhibitors understand all the available options within their budget. After we have established a set of detailed requirements we engage with our panel of boutique custom stand builders and setup a reverse auction.

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    At ExpoQuote we work free of charge for exhibitors; researching vendors, delivering a wide variety of client options, ultimately securing the lowest prices. Our team provide end-to-end solutions from conceptual design to vendor delivery assurance, including a full after sales service.

    Exhibition stand builders in Sweden play a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity and impact of businesses at trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. These professionals are skilled in creating captivating and innovative displays that not only grab the attention of attendees but also effectively communicate a brand’s message and offerings. Sweden, being a global business hub, hosts numerous events throughout the year, making the services of exhibition stand builders in high demand. These experts combine creativity, craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of clients’ objectives to design and construct stands that stand out in crowded exhibition spaces. With their expertise in booth design, materials, lighting, and interactive elements, exhibition stand builders in Sweden help businesses make a lasting impression, drive engagement, and achieve their marketing goals on both local and international stages.

    Events, News & Projects

    Exhibitions, Tradeshows, and Events in Sweden 

    Sweden, known for its scenic landscapes and thriving cities, also plays host to a diverse array of exhibitions, tradeshows, and events throughout the year. These gatherings offer unique opportunities for businesses, professionals, and enthusiasts to connect, exchange knowledge, and explore the latest industry trends. Join us on a journey through some of the most remarkable …

    eCar Expo 2023 

    Every December, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg becomes the epicenter of innovation and sustainability during eCar Expo 2023. This annual three-day event stands as the largest electric car fair in Europe, and it’s much more than just an exhibition. It’s a dynamic celebration of electric mobility, a glimpse into the future of …


    Every December, the Stockholmsmässan, or Stockholm International Fairs, undergoes a transformation into a canine paradise during the Stockholm Hundmässa. This annual two-day extravaganza is not just a dog show; it’s an unparalleled celebration of the bond between humans and their four-legged companions. Renowned as one of the largest dog shows in Scandinavia, it is celebrated …

    Everything for health (ALLT FÖR HÄLSAN) 

    Every November, the Stockholmsmässan, or Stockholm International Fairs, transforms into a beacon of health, wellbeing, and fitness during ALLT FÖR HÄLSAN. This annual three-day extravaganza stands as the largest gathering of its kind in Scandinavia, dedicated to inspiring and motivating people toward a healthier life. Beyond just a fair, it’s an immersive experience that envelops …

    BAKING & Chocolate Festival 2023 

    November in Stockholm brings with it a delightful tradition, the BAKING & Chocolate Festival 2023, hosted at the Stockholmsmässan, or Stockholm International Fairs. For three blissful days, this annual event transforms into a paradise for lovers of all things sweet. It’s a top destination in the Nordics, where the tantalizing aromas of baked goods and …

    DREAMHACK Winter 2023 

    As the brisk winds of November sweep through Jönköping, Sweden, the Elmia Exhibition Halls burst to life with the exhilarating spectacle known as DREAMHACK Winter 2023. This annual three-day extravaganza is a veritable haven for gaming enthusiasts, uniting them under one roof for a gaming experience like no other. Beyond being just an event, it’s …


    Every November, the Elmia Exhibition Halls in Jönköping, Sweden, become a nexus of innovation and collaboration during the ELMIA SUBCONTRACTOR event. This annual three-day trade fair is an indispensable gathering for subcontractors and suppliers within the engineering industry. Far beyond just an exhibition, it’s an opportunity to establish international partnerships and explore the forefront of …

    Student & Knowledge fair 

    Every November, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg becomes the vibrant stage for the Student & Knowledge Fair. This annual three-day event stands as Sweden’s largest fair dedicated to educational guidance and inspiration for those on the precipice of choosing their future path. Beyond a mere fair, it is a transformative experience that …


    Every November, the Stockholmsmässan, or Stockholm International Fairs, transforms into a gastronomic wonderland for the STHML FOOD AND WINE event. This annual three-day celebration is a must-attend for anyone with a passion for food, drink, and kitchen equipment. Far more than just a fair, it’s an indulgent experience that tantalizes the senses and celebrates the …