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There’s a plethora of exhibitions in Australia held each year. Trade Shows cover various sectors such as defence, energy, tech, medical, nautical  and industrial. The exhibitions are usually held in the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane at devoted convention centre and showgrounds

Exhibition Venues in Australia

ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre, Sydney

The International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney Exhibition Centre features 376,736 square feet (35,000m2) of exhibit space, 75 meeting rooms, the largest of which is 204,977 square feet.  There is 53,819 square feet  (5,000m2) of outdoor space which can be used for additional exhibition space. .

MCEC, Melbourne

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has a total rental space of 753,473 square feet (70,000m2). The exhibition space is 41,9792 square feet (39,000m2). This venue boasts a banquet capacity of 3000 pax.

BCEC, Brisbane

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) has 215,278 square feet (20,000m2) to display exhibitions. There are 44 meeting rooms which can be hired out. The largest being 54,250 square feet (5,040m2). This centre has a plaza ballroom with a capacity of 2,000pax.  

PCEC, Perth

The Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre (PCEC) features 179,154 square feet (16,644m²) of Exhibition space. There are 23 meeting rooms to hire. The PCEC is home to The Riverside Theatre, Perth’s largest tiered theatre accommodating up to 2,500 capacity.. 

NCCC, Canberra

The National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC) features 21,527 square feet (2,000m2) of rentable exhibition space which can hold 120 exhibitor booths (3m X 3m). The venue has a ballroom that is 8,202 square feet (762m2). Perfect for cocktail events and gala dinners,

Avalon Airport, Geelong

The Avalon Airport has 48,437 square feet (4,500m2) of land which can be used for outdoor exhibitions. This venue is used for trade shows where indoor exhibition centres would not be feasible. 

Mackay Showground, Mackay

The Mackay Showground has a capacity of around 10,000 people. It has a pavilion which seats 1,000 people. This venue is predominantly used for animal shows, entertainment and trade shows which are better suited to being outdoors.  

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

The Royal Exhibition Building located in Melbourne CBD. This venue features 110,000 sq. ft. (10,219 m2) of exhibition space. There are 5 meeting rooms to take advantage of. The largest meeting space is 10,000 square feet (929m2)..

Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane

The Royal ICC (International Convention Centre) in Brisbane offers 98,166 square feet (9,120m2) of exhibition space. This venue houses 12 meeting rooms. The largest meeting room is 48,384 square feet (4,495m2). A total of 593,329 square feet (55,122m2) meeting space. 

Sydney Showground, Sydney

Sydney Showground has a total exhibition space of 279,614 square feet (25,977m2). The Dome can be hired in conjunction with the Exhibition Halls 2, 3 and 4, to create a single event space of over 232,500 square feet (21,600m2). It has 8 meeting spaces, the largest being 40,000 square feet (3,700m2).

There are over 200 exhibitions hosted across Australia which are held at the venues stated above. See below for extra information about some of the key events:

As Australia comes back to life after the Christmas and New Years celebrations so do the trade show exhibitions. February is packed with some great exhibitions all over Australia. AVALON is a show to look out for. This is hosted at the Avalon Airport in Geelong, Victoria. This is an international event displaying the best in aviation and defence technology. 

As we move through into March an exciting energy event takes place at the MCEC in Melbourne. Enlit Australia is a two day event which brings together industry professionals from all over Australia. Great for networking as well as buying and selling systems and products that help reduce the carbon footprint of your business. 

Another exhibition in March worth highlighting is the Sydney Build Expo. Put on annually at the ICC in Sydney, this show is a two day event. This is the largest construction expo in Australia and should not be missed if you work within the industry. Engineers, Architects, contractors, developers, government officials and more will be present for this once a year event. 

In April the Western Sydney International Dragway is host to the Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo. An exhibition purely about the big machinery used; diggers, dump trucks, cranes and the like are showcased here. After five years the popularity of the show has grown, so much so that it now lasts for three days. 

The General Practice Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) is a fantastic event for professionals that work in the medical industry in May. This is hosted at the ICC in Sydney. It is a four day event which allows for B2B networking and sales. Throughout the four days there are various conferences as well as a multitude of exhibits to explore.  

Energy is a constant focus for most. In June the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition takes place at the Adelaide Convention Centre. It is a two day event which brings industry leaders from around Australia to showcase and discuss the new products and systems available for the coming year. 

In July there is the Queensland Mining & Engineering Expo (QME) which is held at the Mackay Showground in Queensland. For 29 years this has been the epicentre for mining in Queensland. Over the three day event you’re able to wander round over 250 exhibits and network with industry professionals.  

Towards the end of August the ICC in Sydney is host to the Security Expo. This exhibition has been going for over 30 years now. It brings together security professionals from the industry. You’re able to view the exciting developments in the industry as well as go to conferences about the subject. 

In September there are a few great exhibitions to attend. First there is the AIMEX – (Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition). The event is put on at the Sydney Showground over a three day period. The exhibition showcases innovative new technology to boost productivity and time management. 

Still in September there is the Australian Toy Hobby And Licensing Fair hosted at the MCEC. This is a fun event for retail industry professionals. The exhibits showcase the latest trends and upland coming toys for the next year. A great place for networking, purchasing and selling. 

In October there is the Tech In Gov (TIG) which is a big ICT event for the Australian government. This is hosted at the National Convention Centre in Canberra celebrating going on for two days.

Another huge event in October is the Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition which takes place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. This event attracts more than 700 companies globally that have exhibits, displaying new technologies within the industry. 

As we approach the winter holidays, exhibitions are slowing down. In December, before the break begins there is the Ausrail Plus exhibition. This is held at the Brisbane Convention and exhibition centre. The event centres around key issues surrounding the rail industry today in Australia. The exhibition brings together industry specialists for Australia showcasing new innovations and technologies. 

This is but a few of the vast amount of specialised exhibitions and trade shows in Australia each year.

Expoquote in its capacity as an events company works closely with stand builders in Australia at a wide variety of exhibitions and venues country wide.