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    Melbourne hosts a significant number of trade shows and exhibitions each year. The city's thriving business environment and vibrant event industry make it a popular destination for national and international conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions. However, it's important to note that the number of events can fluctuate annually based on various factors such as industry trends, economic conditions, and event scheduling. Melbourne has an extensive portfolio of stand builders, event and fitout companies. ExpoQuote maintains longstanding relationships with many of the top builders in the city of Melbourne.


    The City of Melbourne

    Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria in Australia, is a vibrant and culturally diverse metropolis known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, arts and entertainment scene, and iconic landmarks. With a population of over five million people, Melbourne offers a rich blend of history, modernity, and natural beauty.

    The city boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues. It is home to major events such as the Melbourne International Arts Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, attracting artists and performers from around the world. Melbourne's culinary landscape is renowned, with an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and food markets offering a diverse range of cuisines. The city's famous laneways are adorned with street art and house hidden gems where one can discover unique shops, boutiques, and trendy bars. Melbourne is also synonymous with sports, hosting globally renowned events like the Australian Open Tennis Championship and the Melbourne Cup horse race.

    Key Exhibitions & Events in Melbourne

    Melbourne hosts several major exhibitions annually across various industries. While the specific rankings may change from year to year, here are some of the notable exhibitions that have been consistently prominent in Melbourne:

    1. Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show: Held annually in March, this event showcases stunning floral displays, landscape designs, and gardening products. It attracts a large number of visitors interested in gardening, landscaping, and horticulture.

    2. Australian International Airshow: Known as the Avalon Airshow, this biennial event is one of the largest airshows in the Southern Hemisphere. It features static displays and breathtaking aerial performances by military and civilian aircraft.

    3. Australian International Furniture Fair: This exhibition showcases the latest trends and designs in furniture, interiors, and furnishings. It provides a platform for industry professionals to network and discover new products.

    4. Melbourne International Comedy Festival: While not strictly an exhibition, this renowned comedy festival held annually from March to April brings together local and international comedians for a month-long celebration of laughter and entertainment.

    5. Good Food & Wine Show: This popular exhibition showcases a wide range of gourmet food, wine, and culinary products. Visitors have the opportunity to sample and purchase products, attend cooking demonstrations, and learn from renowned chefs.

    These are just a few examples of the biggest exhibitions in Melbourne. It's worth noting that Melbourne's diverse industries and thriving event scene cater to a wide range of interests, resulting in numerous significant exhibitions and trade shows taking place throughout the year. Stand builders in Australia play a crucial role in the wide range of events put together each year in the city.

    Local Events & Exhibitions

    Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition

    Land Forces International Land Defence Exhibition is Australia’s largest concentration of defence facilities and personnel, with a world-class industry supply chain – supported by top global suppliers and innovative local small-to-medium enterprises. The Queensland Government is proud to support the Land Forces International Land Defence Exhibition, hosted in Brisbane. With a strong defence industry base …

    Tech In Gov (TIG)

    With 150+ Speakers and 15 central themes, Tech in Gov is the most comprehensive cross-sector event for government, IT, and executive level professionals in Australia. Each year, they descend on Canberra to meet to see the latest tech and do business. Over two days, Tech in Gov unites buyers such as ICT Managers, Chief Information, …

    Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX)

    The Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) is an internationally renowned platform which showcases the latest mining technology, equipment and services, offering a unique opportunity for leading suppliers and buyers to conduct face-to-face business, learn about the latest trends and network in an interactive forum.  In 2019, AIMEX featured more than 500 suppliers including companies such …

    Security Exhibition and Conference

    For over three decades Security Exhibition and Conference has been Australia’s leading platform dedicated to keeping our communities safe. The event brings together the full spectrum of security professionals and end users to connect and source essential solutions to meet modern security challenges and shares insights via the renowned ASIAL Security Conference. The Security Exhibition …

    Queensland Mining and Engineering Expo

    Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition (QME) connects leading suppliers and technical experts with those seeking better efficiency, better productivity and increased optimisation for their business and site. QME will feature over 250 suppliers and beyond the exhibition floor, QME will host a free-to-attend seminar series that will give you the opportunity to hear from industry …

    Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition

    The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition will focus on the energy storage industry at all levels – for utilities, energy businesses, building management and the emerging electric vehicle markets. It will be held at Adelaide Convention Centre alongside which will feature more than forty experts from Australia and around the world. The energy sector …

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