October in Barcelona marks a momentous occasion as Fira de Barcelona hosts the annual CPhI BARCELONA event. Over the course of three days, this festival of pharma combines the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, renowned speakers, and unmatched networking opportunities, all within the realm of the most advanced digital ecosystem. With over 20,000 attendees representing more …

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In the brisk month of November, Madrid becomes the nucleus of innovation and efficiency as IFEMA-Feria de Madrid welcomes the annual LOGISTICS & AUTOMATION event. Over the course of two days, this industry-leading expo serves as a magnetic force for the Spanish logistics sector, drawing thousands of professionals from top brands to explore solutions, innovations, …

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November brings a tantalizing feast for the senses as IFEMA-Feria de Madrid hosts the annual EXPO FOOD SERVICE event. Over two days, this culinary extravaganza becomes the epicenter for the Horeca (Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering) industry. This event serves as the beating heart of the culinary world, uniting leading catering operators and suppliers for networking, …

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As the chill of November sets in, Madrid becomes a hotspot for the metal industry as IFEMA-Feria de Madrid opens its doors to the annual MetalMadrid event. This two-day affair stands as the pinnacle of metal trade fairs, unveiling the latest advancements in the sector. MetalMadrid covers a comprehensive spectrum, from cutting-edge machinery and subcontracting …

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Fruit Attraction 

Every October, the bustling heart of Madrid comes alive with the vibrant colors and flavors of the global fruit and vegetable industry as IFEMA-Feria de Madrid hosts the annual “Fruit Attraction” event. This three-day extravaganza transforms the convention center into a hub for professionals from every corner of the globe. Fruit Attraction isn’t just an …

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