October in Barcelona marks a momentous occasion as Fira de Barcelona hosts the annual CPhI BARCELONA event. Over the course of three days, this festival of pharma combines the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, renowned speakers, and unmatched networking opportunities, all within the realm of the most advanced digital ecosystem. With over 20,000 attendees representing more than 700 top pharma companies, this virtual gathering shapes the future of the pharmaceutical industry by enabling product and service sourcing through an interactive digital marketplace, fostering connections among new and existing partners from the global pharma community through an enhanced matchmaking platform, and bringing together the entire industry, from Big Pharma to SMEs and Start-Ups, all in one dynamic space. 

A Pharmaceutical Extravaganza 

CPhI BARCELONA isn’t just an event; it’s a pharmaceutical extravaganza where innovation, collaboration, and knowledge converge. Attendees, from industry giants to nimble startups, are immersed in an environment that sparks groundbreaking ideas and showcases the latest advancements in pharmaceuticals. It’s a forum where the industry’s leading lights share insights, enabling everyone to stay ahead in this dynamic field. 

Fira de Barcelona: The Epicenter of Innovation 

Fira de Barcelona provides the perfect backdrop for an event of such global significance. With its state-of-the-art facilities, the convention center offers the space and resources necessary to host an event that drives innovation and collaboration. Located centrally in Barcelona, it ensures accessibility for both national and international attendees, solidifying its status as the ideal venue for an event that shapes the future of pharmaceuticals. 

Expoquote: Your Partner in Pharma Excellence 

When it comes to crafting an exhibition stand that embodies the spirit of pharmaceutical excellence at CPhI BARCELONA, Expoquote is the trusted collaborator. Working seamlessly with stand builders in Spain and exhibition stand builders in Barcelona, Expoquote ensures that exhibitors have access to top-tier resources and design expertise. In an industry where every innovation counts, Expoquote can help you create a presentation that defines the future of pharmaceuticals. 


CPhI BARCELONA, hosted at Fira de Barcelona every October, transcends being a mere conference; it’s a glimpse into the future of the pharmaceutical industry. This assembly of pharmaceutical giants, startups, professionals, and innovators from around the world offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and exploration of the latest trends in pharmaceuticals. With Fira de Barcelona’s world-class facilities and the support of experts like Expoquote, CPhI BARCELONA continues to be the ultimate destination for those dedicated to shaping the future of pharmaceuticals. Join the conversation, connect with industry leaders, and be part of the transformation at CPhI BARCELONA.