September in Valencia ushers in an extraordinary celebration of design and lifestyle as Feria Valencia hosts the annual FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA. For three immersive days, this event offers a comprehensive experience for visitors who seek information, inspiration, and connections with leading brands in the world of interior design. It encompasses campaigns tailored for domestic buyers, top mise-en-scène, an export platform, and an international furniture tour, making it a must-attend event for those passionate about design and the art of living. 

A Tapestry of Design and Lifestyle 

FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA isn’t just an event; it’s a tapestry of design and lifestyle where creativity, innovation, and aesthetics intertwine. Attendees, including design enthusiasts, interior decorators, buyers, and industry professionals, embark on a journey through the world of interior design, discovering the latest trends, products, and concepts that define contemporary living spaces. It’s a platform where spaces are transformed into showcases of artistry and imagination. 

Feria Valencia: The Canvas of Inspiration 

Feria Valencia provides the ideal backdrop for an event of such creative significance. With its modern facilities and expansive exhibition spaces, the convention center offers the room and resources needed to host an event that celebrates design and lifestyle. Located conveniently in Valencia, it ensures accessibility for both local and international attendees, making it the perfect venue for an event that defines the future of interior design. 

For exhibitors eager to make a lasting impression at FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA, Expoquote’s professional stand builders in Spain are readily available to assist. These experts understand the unique demands of the design industry and can craft exhibition spaces that reflect the essence of their creations. In Valencia, a city renowned for its commitment to art and aesthetics, Expoquote’s numerous local exhibition stand builders in Valencia are poised to bring your vision to life. 


FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA, hosted at Feria Valencia every September, transcends being a mere design fair; it’s an immersion into the world of aesthetics and creativity. This gathering of design enthusiasts, professionals, buyers, and industry leaders offers unparalleled opportunities to explore the latest trends, discover unique products, and find inspiration for creating captivating living spaces. With Feria Valencia’s world-class facilities and the support of experts like Expoquote, FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA continues to be the ultimate destination for those dedicated to the art of design and lifestyle. Join the celebration, connect with industry leaders, and be part of the transformation at FERIA HABITAT VALENCIA.