National Dental Convention (NORDENTAL) 


As November sets in, NOVA Spektrum in Norway becomes a haven for dental professionals and enthusiasts as it hosts the National Dental Convention, also known as NORDENTAL. This annual three-day event is the pinnacle of the dental calendar, showcasing the latest innovations in the medical, pharma, surgical, and healthcare products industry. 

A Gateway to Dental Excellence 

NORDENTAL is not just a convention; it’s a journey into the world of dental excellence. It serves as the most significant exhibition for the dental profession in Norway, drawing together all the central suppliers of equipment and services essential to the dental team. This event is a testament to the dedication and innovation of the dental community. 

With a keen focus on the medical, pharma, surgical, and healthcare products industry, NORDENTAL offers a comprehensive platform for professionals to explore cutting-edge advancements. It’s a place where dental practitioners, suppliers, and experts converge to discover the latest technologies, exchange knowledge, and foster collaboration. 

NOVA Spektrum: A Venue of Precision 

NOVA Spektrum, selected as the venue for NORDENTAL, mirrors Norway’s commitment to precision and innovation in healthcare. With its modern facilities, technologically advanced infrastructure, and strategic location, it provides the perfect backdrop for an event of this significance. 

Exhibitors at NORDENTAL can elevate their presence by collaborating with professional stand builders in Norway. Expoquote, a trusted partner, connects exhibitors with experienced exhibition stand builders in Oslo and beyond. These specialists understand the unique demands of the dental industry and create displays that reflect the precision and expertise of the event. 

NORDENTAL isn’t just a convention; it’s a celebration of dental care, a showcase of innovation, and a hub for dental professionals to connect, learn, and advance the field. 

A Smile-Inducing Experience 

In November, NORDENTAL 2023 will once again illuminate NOVA Spektrum, offering a unique opportunity for dental professionals to explore the latest in dental technology, products, and services. For three enriching days, the convention center will be the epicenter of dental excellence, uniting practitioners, suppliers, and experts to advance the field of dentistry. 

In conclusion, NORDENTAL at NOVA Spektrum isn’t just a convention; it’s a journey into the heart of dental excellence. With its annual schedule and unwavering focus on dental innovation, it remains an essential event for anyone committed to advancing the field of dentistry. Join the smile-inducing experience in November and be part of the dental revolution at NORDENTAL.