Exhibitions, Tradeshows and Events in Norway 

Norway plays host to a diverse array of exhibitions, tradeshows, and events throughout the year, each catering to unique interests and industries. From student fairs to international boat shows, these gatherings offer opportunities for networking, education, and discovering the latest trends and innovations. Here’s a curated list of some of the standout events that take …

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Every August, Stavanger Forum in Norway becomes a global nexus for the energy industry as it hosts OFFSHORE NORTHERN SEAS. This prestigious event, held once every two years over four transformative days, has earned its place as one of the world’s most crucial gatherings for energy professionals and enthusiasts alike. With the next event scheduled …

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Architect at Work Norway 

In the crisp November air, NOVA Spektrum in Norway becomes the vibrant epicenter of architectural innovation as it welcomes ARCHITECT at WORK Norway. This biennial event, held over two enlightening days, serves as an exhibition for architecture and interior design, offering a platform to connect with professionals who shape the built environment. With the next …

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National Dental Convention (NORDENTAL) 

As November sets in, NOVA Spektrum in Norway becomes a haven for dental professionals and enthusiasts as it hosts the National Dental Convention, also known as NORDENTAL. This annual three-day event is the pinnacle of the dental calendar, showcasing the latest innovations in the medical, pharma, surgical, and healthcare products industry.  A Gateway to Dental …

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Every October, the NOVA Spektrum convention center in Norway transforms into a paradise for motorheads and car enthusiasts as it hosts the Oslo Motor Show. This exhilarating event, a three-day annual spectacle, is the International Auto Racing Performance & Custom Motor Show that ignites the passion for speed and excitement among visitors.  Unleashing the Thrill …

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OTD Energy 

In the crisp October breeze, Stavanger Forum in Norway emerges as the vibrant nucleus of innovation and progress, as it prepares to host OTD Energy 2023. This exceptional event, held every two years over two action-packed days, stands as the preeminent trade fair for the Norwegian petroleum and energy industry. With the next highly anticipated …

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What’s NXT 2023 

In the crisp October air, Oslo Spektrum emerges as the epicenter of e-commerce innovation, playing host to What’s NXT 2023. This dynamic event, held for a single, power-packed day each year, stands as the Nordic region’s premier gathering for e-commerce enthusiasts and industry leaders.  Embracing the Future of Commerce  What’s NXT Nordic is not just …

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Bygg Reis Deg 

As October arrives, NOVA Spektrum, Norway’s premier convention center, becomes the epicenter of innovation in the construction industry as it hosts Bygg Reis Deg. This exceptional event, held every two years, is a showcase of the most cutting-edge solutions in building, housing, and construction. The next eagerly anticipated Bygg Reis Deg event will grace NOVA …

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As September approaches, the NOVA Spektrum convention center in Norway becomes the epicenter of innovation and progress, welcoming the annual Transport & Logistikk event. This three-day extravaganza, held every year, serves as the driving force behind developments in the transport industry, offering a glimpse into the future of transportation.  Journey into Transport Innovation  Transport & …

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