Every October, the NOVA Spektrum convention center in Norway transforms into a paradise for motorheads and car enthusiasts as it hosts the Oslo Motor Show. This exhilarating event, a three-day annual spectacle, is the International Auto Racing Performance & Custom Motor Show that ignites the passion for speed and excitement among visitors.  Unleashing the Thrill …

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Camp Villmark 

Every March, the wilderness beckons in the heart of Oslo at NOVA Spektrum, where Camp Villmark, the international sales and information fair, takes center stage. This three-day annual event is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the world of outdoor activities, camping, fishing, hunting, and immersive nature experiences.  Discover the Great Outdoors:  …

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MC Messen 

Oslo’s heartbeat quickens every March as motorcycle enthusiasts, passionate racers, and power sports devotees gather at NOVA Spektrum for MC Messen, the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Norway. For three thrilling days, this event ignites the passion of bike lovers and welcomes anyone curious about the world of motorcycling.  Revving up the Excitement:  MC Messen isn’t …

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