Exhibitions, Tradeshows and Events in Norway 

Norway Exhibitions tradeshows events

Norway plays host to a diverse array of exhibitions, tradeshows, and events throughout the year, each catering to unique interests and industries. From student fairs to international boat shows, these gatherings offer opportunities for networking, education, and discovering the latest trends and innovations. Here’s a curated list of some of the standout events that take place in Norway

Student Fair Oslo  

Student Fair Oslo is the largest student fair in Norway, held every February at NOVA Spektrum for a duration of 2 days. It provides a significant opportunity for exhibitors to engage with a diverse audience, including students from the Oslo and Eastern Norway region, high school students, university students, job seekers, and young adults keen on exploring education and career opportunities. 

MC Messen  

MC Messen is an international motorcycle exhibition held annually in March at NOVA Spektrum (Norway Trade Fairs) for a span of 3 days. It’s a “must-visit” event for motorcycle enthusiasts, passionate racers, and power sports enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive showcase of the latest biking technology, gear, and trends. 

International Boat Show (SJØEN FOR ALLE)  

Sjøen for Alle, Norway’s largest equipment and boat show, is held for 5 days every March at NOVA Spektrum. It’s a popular gathering for boating enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive look at maritime equipment and boats while serving as a vibrant meeting place for everyone who loves boating. 

Camp Villmark  

Camp Villmark, a 3-day international sales and information fair focused on outdoor activities, camping, fishing, hunting, and nature experiences, takes place every March at NOVA Spektrum (Norway Trade Fairs). It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the latest gear and experiences in the great outdoors. 

GARDEN SHOW OSLO (Hage Messen)  

Held in April for 3 days at NOVA Spektrum (Norway Trade Fairs), the Garden Show Oslo is Norway’s largest event for gardening enthusiasts. It features national and international exhibitors and offers a wealth of information, trade, tips, and inspiration for outdoor spaces and various related industries. 


Eliaden, occurring every two years in May for 3 days, serves as the main arena for the electrical, energy, and automation industry in Norway. This event, held at NOVA Spektrum, brings together industry professionals to showcase the latest innovations and practices in the field. 


Nor-Shipping, a biennial 5-day event in June, is a crucial gathering for the global maritime industry. Held at Norges Varemesse (now known as NOVA Spektrum), it features exhibitors from nearly 50 countries, offering insights into maritime innovations and best practices worldwide. 


Held every September for 3 days at NOVA Spektrum, TRANSPORT & LOGISTIKK 2023 focuses on developments in the transport industry. It displays a wide range of products related to the sector, providing a platform for industry professionals to explore the latest trends and technologies. 

Bygg Reis Deg  

Bygg Reis Deg, taking place every two years in October for 4 days at NOVA Spektrum, is the premier trade fair for building, housing, and construction. With over 500 exhibitors and more than 40,000 visitors interested in construction, it offers a comprehensive look at solutions in the industry. 

What’s NXT 2023  

NXT Nordic’s What’s NXT? event, held annually in October at Oslo Spektrum for a day, serves as the largest meeting place for e-commerce in the Nordic region. It focuses on the future of commerce and presents the latest developments within the industry. 

OTD Energy  

OTD Energy, held every two years in October for 2 days at Stavanger Forum, is the leading trade fair for the Norwegian petroleum and energy industry. It attracts over 500 exhibitors and more than 15,000 visitors, offering insights into the sector’s latest developments, including offshore wind on the Norwegian continental shelf. 


The Oslo Motor Show, taking place every October for 3 days at NOVA Spektrum (Norway Trade Fairs), offers a thrilling and informative experience for car enthusiasts. With a focus on speed and excitement, it showcases the best of Norway’s motoring industry. 

National Dental Convention (NORDENTAL)  

Nordental, a 3-day event in November held at NOVA Spektrum (Norway Trade Fairs), is the most important exhibition for the dental profession in Norway. It brings together central suppliers of equipment and services, providing a crucial platform for dental professionals to explore the latest advancements. 

Architect at Work Norway  

Architect at Work Norway, held every two years in November for 2 days at NOVA Spektrum, is an exhibition for architecture and interior design. It offers the opportunity to connect with architects, interior architects, designers, engineering bureaus, project developers, technical services, towns, and district councils. 


OFFSHORE NORTHERN SEAS, occurring every two years in August for 4 days at Stavanger Forum, has become one of the world’s most important meeting places for everyone involved in the energy business. It provides a unique platform for professionals to gather and exchange insights, innovations, and best practices in the energy industry, making it a pivotal event for energy enthusiasts and experts alike. 

In conclusion, Norway’s rich tapestry of exhibitions, tradeshows, and events offers a vibrant spectrum of opportunities for diverse interests. From the Student Fair Oslo’s educational and career connections to MC Messen’s thrilling motorcycle showcase, Sjøen for Alle’s boating extravaganza, and Camp Villmark’s outdoor adventure haven, each event leaves a distinct mark. Eliaden electrifies the energy industry, Nor-Shipping navigates the maritime world, and Transport & Logistikk propels transportation forward. Bygg Reis Deg builds innovation in construction, and What’s NXT glimpses the future of commerce. OTD Energy fuels the energy sector, Oslo Motor Show accelerates automotive enthusiasm, Nordental enhances dental practice, and Architect at Work Norway shapes architectural design. OFFSHORE NORTHERN SEAS unites the energy sector’s global vision. In Norway’s events, connections, knowledge, and innovation converge, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for all. So, mark your calendars and immerse yourself in Norway’s dynamic exhibitions, tradeshows, and events. 

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