Huntington Place 

Huntington Place is a top-notch convention center located in Huntington Beach, California, that is suitable for hosting a wide range of events such as trade shows, conferences, corporate events, and exhibitions. With over 200,000 square feet of flexible event space, it can accommodate events of all sizes. 

The center boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including the latest audio and visual technology, high-speed internet, and ample parking space. Additionally, it offers a variety of catering services, including in-house catering and a long list of preferred catering vendors to choose from. 

Located just minutes from the beach and surrounded by numerous hotels, restaurants, and attractions, Huntington Place is an excellent choice for visitors looking to blend business with pleasure. 

Overall, Huntington Place is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations looking to host an event in Southern California. With its world-class facilities and convenient location, it’s no surprise that it is a popular choice among event planners. And with Expoquote’s professional team, your event is sure to be a success. 


      • 100 meeting rooms 

      • Total meeting area: 1,144,847 sq. Ft. 

      • Largest room: 209,000 sq. Ft. 

        • Private space: Available 

        • Exhibit space: 723,000 sq. Ft. 

      ExpoQuote, renowned for its exceptional design, partners with leading stand builders across the US, including a dedicated panel of exhibition stand builders in Huntington Beach. With decades of industry expertise, our experienced designers and builders ensure impeccable stand designs, meeting the demands and challenges of the role.