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How We Help Exhibitors

Here at ExpoQuote we are Exhibition specialists. Leveraging upon years of experience working with a wide range of American stand builders, designers, floor space & fit out companies we have put together a unique solution offer for exhibitors looking to get the best from their Exhibition experience.

On the back of our Exhibition expertise managing corporate events and exhibition stands for many of America's largest EXPOs we decided to build a business to help other companies do the same. At ExpoQuote our team's only goal is to help Exhibitors source the best stand designers, and get the best stand within the right budget.

We do this in a number of ways, including extensive consultation on design and build options. At the core of our offer is our vendor selection and comparison process outlined below.

Our 5 Step Process Includes the Following Elements:
  • 1

    Requirement Gathering

  • 2

    Vendor Engagement

  • 3

    Vendor Negotiation

  • 4

    Vendor Selection

  • 5

    Customer Service

How We Help Exhibitors

At ExpoQuote we work free of charge for exhibitors; researching vendors, delivering a wide variety of client options, ultimately securing the lowest prices. Our team provide end-to-end solutions from conceptual design to vendor delivery assurance, including a full after sales service. Below is a detailed breakdown of the 5 steps that compromise our service offer.

Step 1 – Your requirements

We will provide you with a FREE of charge consultation where we will discover and assist with your requirements based upon what you are looking to exhibit and how you would like to showcase your brand, products and services. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or are in need of design inspiration, we will use our experience to provide a selection of best options for you to consider and then proceed to engaging with vendors.

Step 2 – Vendor Engagement
Step 3 – Vendor Negotiation
Step 4 – Vendor Selection
Step 5 – Customer Service

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Added Value Exhibition Services

Trade Fairs & Corporate

Work with us to create your specialist event. We bring in the right partners and expertise to deliver.

Our Shop

Visit our eCommerce store to purchase accessories and pop up items for your next exhibition stand.

Digital Displays & Microsites

If you need more than just a stand and want to explore holographic displays, microsites. We partner with Red Sky.

Helping Exhibitors to Achieve Best Value

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