Zorg & ICT 

Zorg & ICT is the largest healthcare technology event in the Netherlands, attracting thousands of attendees from across the country and beyond. The event offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest technological innovations in healthcare, exchange ideas with industry experts, and network with like-minded professionals. 

One of the key themes of Zorg & ICT is digital transformation, which is rapidly changing the way healthcare is delivered. The event provides a platform for healthcare professionals to learn about the latest digital tools and technologies that can help them provide better care to their patients. 

Zorg & ICT also covers topics such as E-health, telemedicine, and data management, which are becoming increasingly important in healthcare. Attendees can learn about the latest trends and best practices in these areas and explore how they can be applied to their own organizations. 

The Jaarbeurs Utrecht convention center, where Zorg & ICT takes place, is a state-of-the-art facility that provides the perfect setting for the event. With its modern exhibition halls, conference facilities, and other amenities, the convention center is designed to meet the needs of exhibitors and attendees alike. 

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In addition to the exhibition and conference program, Zorg & ICT also features a range of networking opportunities, including receptions, roundtable discussions, and meet-and-greet events. These events provide attendees with the chance to connect with industry peers and share ideas and experiences. 

Zorg & ICT is an invaluable event for anyone involved in the healthcare industry, including healthcare professionals, policymakers, and technology innovators. Whether you’re looking to explore the latest technological advancements, network with industry experts, or learn about best practices in healthcare technology, this event has something for everyone. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of shaping the future of healthcare technology. Join us at Zorg & ICT and discover the latest innovations that are transforming the healthcare industry. 

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