Stade Olympique | Montreal, Canada

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Stade Olympique, initially designed for the 1976 Olympics, has now become a burgeoning site for business and entertainment. The Olympic Park’s mission is to develop, manage, promote and operate the Olympic Park, in particular to allow sports, cultural and community events, exhibitions, as well as tourist and recreational activities to be held there, in complementarity with its partners and the surrounding community.

As the park continues to be used as an exhibition and events space Stade Olympique will continue to highlight the Olympic heritage and legacy. There are two main spaces used for exhibitions and events. Depending on the time of year, the pitch could be used as an exhibition space which can fit 10,000 people comfortably. 

There are some huge exhibitions put on here each year. The Salon Du Vehicule Electronique De Montreal which showcases the latest ideas from the leading car manufacturers and Expo Habitation D’Automne Montreal are a few of the exhibitions put on here annually. 


  • Total meeting space is 110,000 sq. ft.
  • 7 Meeting rooms 
  • Outdoor Space: 10,000 person capacity
  • Private Space: Available
  • Exhibit Space: 75,000 sq. ft.

Expoquote in its capacity as a global events company works closely with a range of stand builders in Canada and specifically maintains a panel of exhibition stand builders in Montreal to support events at this and other Montreal based venues. 

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