Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference

Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference | ExpoQuote

Since 1985, the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show has been the only industry event that connects operators with new innovations, products, and services in the marketplace.

The need for Canadian oil remains high and will continue for decades to come. As the industry embraces cleaner technologies, more automated processes, and innovative ways to maintain efficient production – all while balancing the necessity of net zero – the need for new suppliers continues to be considerable.

There are a variety of exhibitions hosted in Canada annually. The Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show in particular is the source for innovations, technologies, and solutions that drive production, lower costs, protect employees and the environment in the oil and gas industry.

This is a brilliant event to get face-to-face with industry leaders and influencers at the only event that connects to the Canadian oil sands industry.

Exhibitors at the event want to present their business as best they can. ExpoQuote have years of valuable experience dealing with high end exhibitions stands of exceeding quality. Each year ExpoQuote works closely with exhibition stand builders in Canada who understand how to best utilise the space for optimal promotion. Together with our nearby team of local exhibition stand builders from Edmonton we have built an array of fantastic exhibition stands. Leveraging upon this partnership our clients are able to generate real ROI on the event experience. 

There’s multiple exhibitions within the oil and gas industry worldwide. The DUG Rockies event is one such exhibition, hosted at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, USA. Like-minded professionals from all over come to learn, buy and sell new innovative products in the oil and gas industry.  

The Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference is held at MacDonald Island Park, Fort McMurray in September.


Source: oilsandstradeshow.com