Hottest Places for Companies to Exhibit their Wares in Y2020

Following on from recent news coverage we took it upon ourselves to explore a few of the hottest new locations for international brands to display their products.

In recent years we have seen major shifts in industry with many innovative challengers stepping up and applying pressure to many of the older and more established cities. That is not to say that innovation stalwarts like San Francisco (the world’s leading startup stage) are still not at the top of their game. Silicon Valley is still the place to be for startups and remains firmly positioned at #1 in the rankings for Global Innovation by City. However, as we filter further down the list there are some interesting newcomers in our top 10.

Tokyo and Singapore, Beijing and Seoul are firmly ranked in our global top 10 for most innovative cities. Singapore has an exciting startup scene that is supported by a wealth of financiers and venture capital firms, it is also a fantastic place for companies to exhibit their products with a view to entering the Asia Pacific market.

Japan, China and South Korea are all home to many exciting and innovative firms and with the huge populations of Tokyo and Beijing these cities are fast becoming known for their fabulous and far reaching exhibitions. International exhibitors wishing to enter these markets are still required to do so with a local flavor in order to maximize impact, but these are certainly the gateway cities of Asia in Y2020.

In Europe London, Paris, Berlin, Munich remain top on our list with Amsterdam coming in in fifth. There are over 7,000 tradeshows each year in the UK, providing huge opportunities for companies to showcase their products to the UK business community.

In Australia Sydney and Melbourne are still the places to be and the biggest expo events in Australia typically find themselves in either, or both of these exciting cities. Brisbane has a vibrant exhibition scene also with many stand builders focusing on events in Queensland so this is often an important third city for Australian focused brands.