Convenience And Impulse Retailing Expo

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If you’re in the market of convenience or impulse retailing this is the event for you! After a few hours browsing the exhibitions on show, you’ll have a vast knowledge of new products, new suppliers and new ideas for the year to come. No matter what scale your business is at; a local newsagents through to a mini mart, the Convenience & Impulse Retailing Expo will help you to grow your company.

Like Australia, Canada has an event akin to Convenience And Impulse Retailing Expo is the LLHA Show. This is hosted at The International Centre in Toronto each year.

C & I has been going for over 27 years. Currently there are around 150 companies which display their wares. This has become the most specialist trade show in Australia. All retailers and suppliers from all brands are welcome. 

At the event you will have the chance to see the latest merchandise, foodservices, big and small name brands for resale and forecourt equipment.  

The Convenience & Impulse Retailing Expo is based at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Partnered with the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores, the event will bring both retailer and supplier together for two days. 

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Not only shall the guests be able to browse various products. They shall be a part of the  AACS Convenience Leaders Summit, experiencing a fantastic line-up of wonderful local and international presentations about the industry. 

Around two thousand people flood the exhibition floor. It’s a who’s who of the C&I industry. Over 8,000 retail outlets and suppliers are represented throughout the event. 

The Convenience & Impulse Retailing Expo is open to all retailers, distributors and anyone who would like to enter into the industry. This is one of many exhibitions and trade shows held in Australia each year.